An influx of memories will surely be felt whenever 2020 is mentioned during the conversations we have in future. The trend of webinars and a paradigm shift in methods of teaching have all kick-started during the phase of the pandemic. Millions of people lost their jobs and were given pink slips, while businesses across the worldwide struggled to stay afloat and economies crippled. The coronavirus had a detrimental effect on global healthcare systems and for the ones who lost their loved ones, this nostalgia can be very heart wrenching. The fact remains unchanged that COVID-19 has undoubtedly has affected every aspect of human life.
The virus which seems like a regular flu, could prove to be fatal for immune compromised patients. The onset of the virus made every individual take their health seriously and make efforts to boost their immunity. Yoga, regular exercises, consumption of vitamin supplements, Ayurvedic and herbal teas and other nutritious items became more popular during 2020.
The trend of a happening weekend culture in many metropolitan cities came to a standstill and affected many industries. The lockdown forced people to confine between four walls which disturbed their lifestyle and also took a toll on the mental health a few; after all, man is a social animal. But the virus also brought families together as they had ample of time to give one another. Cherishing family time, unfurling emotions, sharing untold stories and understanding the importance of having a family gave them a sense of security and people made the most during the quarantine which lasted for months. The deadly respiratory disease, which is otherwise known for worldwide disruptions, proved to be a boon for Mother Earth and in every term triggered a major global reset. An improvement of air quality index, cleaner beaches, environmental noise reductions, slashed carbon emission figures are all a part of the world’s largest lockdown stories which millennials will narrate for years to come. As of September 2020, a plethora of stories revolving around the speculation of vaccines and clinical trials are creating a buzz. But the question remains, how long will it take to finally have the vaccine wipe out the deadly pandemic from the face of the world?

New normals have been defined where donning a mask, social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing is practiced in full swing and might continue for years to come. Weddings and other celebrations are seeing less handshakes and hugs. The public is fighting a fierce battle against covid-19, hand in hand with the medical professionals and civil servants with an undying spirit and trying to paint a new ray of hope.
Hashtags like #weareinthistogether trending on social media reflect a vibe of positivity and give a sense of reassurance. The generation experiencing the pandemic are all set to change the rules of the world and redefine the human trends. With unflinching support and collaborative efforts, they are sure that the sun will shine again!

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